Why Dominion


Established in 1965, Dominion Divers is a wholly Canadian-owned business specializing in underwater construction, fabrication, installations, maintenance, and enhanced imaging services.


CADC LOGO BIG BORDERDominion Divers is the only diving contractor in central Canada that is a member of the Canadian Association of Diving Contractors (CADC). We employ full-time professional divers that meet or exceed the CAN/CSA Z275.4 Competency Standards for Diving Operations. Our divers have a total of more than 80 years experience in the industry. (See more)

Bonded and Insured


Dominion Divers is bondable for labour and materials-and-performance for projects up to $3,000,000. The company carries $5,000,000 in comprehensive liability insurance and $2,000,000 environmental impairment insurance. (See more)


Safety is Our Dominion

We have an enviable safety record with the workers’ compensation boards from Ontario to the Yukon. An independent safety audit gave us one of the highest scores in their experience. (See more)


It takes more than diving gear to do the job. We are equipped to handle the project in preparation, in transit, on the surface, under the surface, on the construction site, and in the processing room. (See our list of equipment.)



Our head office on the Red River in Winnipeg has maintenance and fabrication facilities, a welding shop, carpentry shop, decompression chamber, CAD facility, ROV boat and barge storage, a complete inventory of diving equipment, and marine construction tools.


Emergency Mobilization

With our fleet of trucks, mobile diving base-stations, palletizing capacity, and well-honed air and ground shipping connections, we can be on our way to anywhere in Canada – usually within 24 hours. See more.


Blackwater Acoustic Solutions

Our Blackwater Acoustics division provides unmatched underwater imaging and image analysis in Central Canada. We provide more than 2D, 3D and data point renderings of your assets with linear and volume measurements accurate to 0.5% of range. We give you get expert analysis and interpretation that is crucial to an informed solution. (See more)

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Our Clients

Owners, administrators and engineers responsible for more than $30 billion of hardware and assets rely Dominion Divers and Blackwater Acoustic Solutions to be their marine team for utilities, infrastructure, and industrial operations. See our clients.


Our clients are at the top of their fields. Their responsibilities require precision and professionalism on every job. Click here to see what they have to say about their experience with Dominion Divers.

Meet the Dominion Divers Principals

Garth Hiebert – Principal, Diver

Garth Hiebert – Principal, Diver

Guy Dobson — Principal, Diver

Guy Dobson — Principal, Diver

Our Founder

Gil Lamothe

Gil Lamothe

Our founder Gil Lamothe was a pioneer in Canadian commercial diving. He developed a lot of his own equipment and paved the way for underwater construction in Western Canada. It is Gil’s dedication to precision, professionalism, and safety that defines us to this day.


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