Safety & Inspections

Planning, construction, maintenance, installations and removal are the bread and butter of our business. These specialty services make Dominion Divers your first call for any marine contract work.
Safety and continued functionality come from KNOWING what is down there. Our divers have an experienced eye for good concrete and bad, structure and rubble. Our ROV gets into small spaces, and the underwater imaging done by our Blackwater Acoustic Solutions division takes much of the guesswork out of your assessment.


With winches, lift bags and ingenuity, we have recovered everything from pipes to pumps to vehicles and more — safely.

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Hydro Electric Dams & Bridges

Few people have actually been underwater at these sites more often than we have. Our knowledge is your asset. Talk to us about these pillars of power and transportation, and the engineering priorities that go with them.


Cold Water Diving

In winter or the arctic — it’s just another dive site for us. The suits are heated. With a little creative planning, we can even help you with some off-season maintenance.

Ice Diver

Deep Air Diving

We have the capacity to dive to 165ft with our standard equipment package. Dominion Divers has the only mobile decompression system in central Canada.


Emergency Response

Whether it’s an emergency or just urgent — call us. When there are safety or environmental considerations, rely on Dominion Divers to know the procedures and protocols — and to stick to them. Situations we’ve handled include: contaminant remediation, cleaning, recovery, repair, reinforcing, removal, disposal and more. See more.

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2D Images • 3D Images

Our sonar imaging and analysis division, Blackwater Acoustic Solutions, gives engineers the latest generation of images, profiles and analysis so you can tell the difference between a crack and layered cold-pour seam. With measurements accurate to 0.5% of range you can budget and plan your projects more accurately than ever before. See more.



Our Seamor 300F inspection-class vehicle takes digital images, or streams live video back from your underwater structure. Small spaces are no problem. See more.

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Underwater Imaging

Underwater Construction & Maintenance