Protection for Red River Pipeline Crossing

Protection for Red River Pipeline Crossing

A section of Manitoba Hydro’s 16-inch natural gas pipeline had become exposed and undermined where it crosses the Red River’s main channel in Winnipeg. This was due to the erosion effects of seasonal and periodic high flow conditions. The steel pipe was at risk from boat anchors and other mechanical damage.



Dominion Divers was contracted to supply and install protection works to the line to guard against damage and to prevent further erosion.

The video clips show the final protection measures in place.



The job, carried out under zero-visibility and moderate flow conditions, consisted of first laying a heavy non-woven geotextile blanket over the pipe, then covering the line with clean granular fill and accurately grading and sloping the upstream and downstream areas to eliminate water turbulence and to support and stabilize the pipe. A second layer of geotextile was then layed down and covered with articulated cellular concrete block mattresses manufactured by Armortec Erosion Control Solutions.

This system provides a sound, long term repair solution with very low environmental impact.

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